Lynkware is an innovative software company operating in the mobile marketing sector. We work for a range of corporate clients in various markets (industry, services).

Based in Paris (France), Lynkware is a privately held founded in 2008.

Research, technology and mobile marketing in our DNA

From the start, we knew that mobile devices (smartphone, tablets, connected objects) would be the bridge to link different media channels.

Today, these technologies are everywhere and accessible to all.


Lynkware is one of the most innovative company in the world regarding QR code and mobile marketing.


Lynkee, free QR code reader app with 2 millions users

Our company was among the first to launch a QR app reader for Android and iPhone, named Lynkee.  Now Lynkee is used by more than 2 million people around the world.

QR Chic, new génération of QR code for print & video

Later, we developed and patented advanced algorithms that allowed us to propose new generation colored and full customisable QR code, branded QR Chic.


We made it available for print of course. But also video.

qr video

Full 360° Mobile Marketing Platform

Many companies told us they also needed efficient, easy-to-use tools to create and manage mobile marketing campaigns.


Today, Lynkware bridges the gap between the physical and virtual worlds and provides a unique world class ecosystem helping clients to boost their marketing & sales strategies with consulting services, SaaS + mobile app solutions around “Scan” and wireless technologies.

Our technologies and expertise include :

  • Mobile Content Management System
  • 2D/1D barcode recognition,
  • QR Code and creative QR Code branded as QR Chic
  • NFC (RFID), wireless “near field technology” (also know as contactless transmission)
  • Beacon and smart geolocalisation algorithms
  • Image recognition patents and softwares
  • Video compression and decoding software (included in our Mobile Marketing Platform)

Our Mobile Marketing Platform gathers several modules as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It allows our clients to easily manage their mobile content and strategy, for example:

  • build complex mobile web sites,
  • build quiclky fast & light microsites,
  • stream video/audio content
  • promote survey and contact forms,
  • publish and activate quiz, lottery, contest, landing pages, forms,
  • deploy mobile payment

Our Platform optimizes any content (from image to video…) for every smart phone around the world.

We also offer our ecosystem as “Full Service”.


Contact us, and we will be happy to bring you mobile marketing success!



“QR Chic” is compatible with the most popular and performant QR code readers available on market. Lynkware recommends its free QR code reader Lynkee (2 million users) to scan a QR Chic, one of the most performant readers available on the market. Lynkee is also NFC compatible (android).